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  1. James Liao
  2. Life in Taiwan
  3. Monday, 11 November 2019
Taiwan is not the same as China… unless you ask China, in which case it definitely is. According to many Taiwanese, Taiwan is also the official “China”. In many ways, Taiwan is much more China than modern mainland China.

(See our complete layman’s guide to understanding what it means to be and speak Chinese to get a fuller picture.)

When I was living in Mainland China (see below), non-Chinese friends would often describe Taiwan as being “like China, but without the bad bits”. In other words, like Mainland China but with fast and uncensored internet, clean air, reliable public transport, beautiful (accessible) nature and warm weather. Even better described: Taiwan is pretty close to paradise. What was this mythical place, I wondered? I looked forward to finding out.
  1. https://discoverdiscomfort.com/guide-to-living-in-taiwan/
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