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我覺得用比較自然的態度面對。每天比較喜歡運動、睡飽覺、多喝水,是預防並照顧好你所有的,而不是直接去醫美看你能有什麼改變。你是如何保養自己的呢? 完美精華按摩 抹去歲月痕跡 來自法國的肌膚專家DARPHIN瞭解當代女性自主創造美麗的需求,提出簡單的居家按摩技巧,夜間或是週末即使留守家中,也能給予肌膚頂級呵護,享受美好時光。搭配您喜愛的修護精華,按壓三次精華於手心勻開,溫和勻抹臉部及肩頸部肌膚,雙手按壓兩頰,手心分別按壓額頭與下巴,再以手指如彈奏鋼琴般,輕點臉部與肩頸部,讓肌膚吸收精華,...
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Background — What is Taiwan? Is it China?

Taiwan is not the same as China… unless you ask China, in which case it definitely is. According to many Taiwanese, Taiwan is also the official “China”. In many ways, Taiwan is much more China than modern mainland China. (See our complete layman’s...

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